Dear Patient,

Below you will find the Privacy Policy for our clinic in connection with treating patients.

As a patient at our clinic, it is necessary for us to collect and store certain personal data.

We are obligated to do this in accordance with the Danish Authorisation Act (Autorisationsloven), the Danish Act on Medical Record-Keeping (Journalføringsbekendtgørelsen) and the Danish Health Act (Sundhedsloven).

We are obligated to securely store any data we collect and process about you, as well as adhere to the principles of patient confidentiality. Information about your health may be exchanged internally at the clinic if necessary. However, disclosure of your personal data to persons and parties outside the clinic may, as a rule, only take place with your consent, in accordance with section 9 of the Danish Health Act.

The clinic is obligated to store your health record for up to 10 years following your last contact with the clinic. If you decide to change to another dentist, we will transfer your record to them. Your new dental clinic will then be responsible for securely storing your record and associated personal data. In rare cases, as described in the Danish Act on Medical Record-Keeping, we may store your record for a longer period of time than stated above.

The clinic will collect and store any personal data deemed necessary for the completion of payments for treatments provided by the clinic, such as your region, municipality, or insurance company.

Any personal data collected by the clinic for settlement purposes is stored for as long as it is required and necessary in connection with the clinic’s settlement and bookkeeping. Since 25 May 2018, the legal basis of this data collection is paragraph 6, item 1, points b and f (the previous legal basis before this date was section 6, item 1, nos. 2 and 7 of the Danish Act on Processing Personal Data).

You have the right to access the personal data that the clinic collects and processes on you at any time. While we are unable to delete information from your health journal, if you believe that the data we have collected on you is incorrect, you have the right to have this rectified and request that your comments be added.

If you have any complaints concerning the clinic’s processing of your personal data, you can submit them to the Danish Data Protection Agency (Datatilsynet). You can find more information about this process at

The Danish Patient Safety Authority (Styrelsen for Patientsikkerhed) supervises the regulations of Danish health legislation. You can find more information about the Danish Patient Safety Authority at